TASC: Building on the success of a previous capacity development project to support PSNP implementation, TASC provides technical assistance to strengthen the government’s ability to provide for its own capacity development needs, especially related to the ongoing implementation of PSNP4. This consultancy addresses five strategic objectives related to capacity development. These include:

  1. Assisting PSNP Implementing Agencies to ensure adequate human and physical resources are in place to effectively implement PSNP4;
  2. Assisting Implementing Agencies to adopt a systematic approach to capacity development across the entire program;
  3. Supporting the development and delivery of needs-based capacity development programs to address technical capacity gaps in PSNP4 implementation;
  4. Supporting the implementation of coordination and program management mechanisms for improved PSNP4 delivery; and,
  5. Working with the government of Ethiopia to develop and implement an exit strategy to institutionalize capacity development within the GoE.

Technical assistance, training and other job-embedded support provided by TASC addresses issues of gender equality and social development, draws on international best practices, and develops the capacity of the Government to do its own capacity development.

PSNP, and therefore TASC, is implemented in eight regions of Ethiopia. These include:


Afar                                                                                        Amhara

Dire Dawa                                                                              Harari

Oromia                                                                                   Somali

Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (SNNPR)            Tigray