Our team is comprised of professionals with extensive experience. The team draws on its diverse skill set, years of top management consulting and senior line management experience.

Dimitar Tsolov

Field Manager/ICDA

Mr. Tsolov is an organizational development expert with successful track record implementing capacity development and change management initiatives in North America, Central and Eastern Europe, Central and Southeast Asia, and East Africa. Over the last 15 years, he has worked on numerous large-scale and national level institutional strengthening and public-sector reform and governance projects for donors including UNDP, USAID, EU and DFID. He is proficient in needs assessments, competency modelling, curriculum development, training delivery, leadership development, cultural change, organizational transformation, innovation and talent development metrics. He has extensive experience providing training in leadership coaching, group dynamics, organizational network analysis, cultural transformation, and group facilitation.

Sileshi Ashine

Lead Capacity Development Specialist, Federal Level

Sileshi Ashine has 25 years of experience in agriculture and rural development, food security, water resources and the environment. During this time, he managed planning and programming in the Ministry of Agriculture and for the EU-funded Food Security Program of Agri Service Ethiopia. He began working for Agriteam on SNSF as the Regional Facilitation Team Leader in SNNPR, where he has gained valuable experience and expertise in results-based management for program/project design, planning, monitoring and evaluation. He is also skilled in facilitation and capacity development, multi-stakeholder coordination and collaboration, conflict management and resolution as well as agribusiness and value chain development. His extensive experience working with and at federal, regional and woreda levels in Ethiopia have given him an in-depth understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities within the food security and rural development sectors. He also has extensive knowledge of the relevant government policies and strategies that guide these sectors. He is certified by the Ministry of Agriculture to provide consultancy services in agriculture and rural development.

Meseret Mulugeta

Administration and Finance Manager, National Level

Meseret Mulugeta has worked with Agriteam Canada since 2011. She is the primary contact person for all field staff on matters related to logistics, procurement, activity planning, travel and financial reporting. Meseret has gained valuable experience related particularly to the start-up of new projects in Ethiopia, having been instrumental in the inception of four Agriteam projects in Ethiopia.

Abera Abebe

Lead Capacity Development Specialist, Oromia Region

Abera Abebe has about 30 years of experience in agriculture and rural development, integrated food security programs, community empowerment and capacity development projects. His educational background and work experience as a grassroots development manager, multi-stakeholder facilitator and organizational policy maker in government, NGOs and consultancy firms, has defined him as a proficient capacity development facilitator. He served for nine years within the GoE Ministry of Agriculture as Agricultural Extension Expert and Head of the Zonal Agriculture Development Departments in Oromia and Benishangul regions. He also spent 15 years with Agri Service Ethiopia, where he managed and directed integrated rural development that focused on agriculture, health, water supply, adult education and natural resource management. Since the inception of SNSF, he has worked as Regional Facilitation Team Leader and Lead Capacity Development Specialist for the Oromia region, where he is successfully leading and managing capacity development planning, implementation, monitoring and building partner relationship with stakeholders.

Ashagrie Getnet

Lead Capacity Development Specialist, Amhara Region

Ashagrie Getnet has more than 15 years of experience working on development projects with the Ministry of Agriculture, national NGOs and with international development agencies. Before joining Agriteam Canada in 2011, Ashagrie began his career as a Development Agent and progressed to become District Agricultural Office Head. Ashagrie also worked as Program Director for Participatory Learning and Community Development with Agri Service Ethiopia. As a Capacity Development Officer and Lead Capacity Development Specialist with Agriteam Canada, Ashagrie has led the design and delivery of strategic leadership training programs for PSNP leaders and managers at the regional, zonal and woreda leaders. His expertise in the conceptualization and design of training materials has put him in the center of many of the training activities conducted by SNSF and TASC.

Habtu Lemma

Lead Capacity Development Specialist, Tigray Region

Habtu Lemma has more than 25 years of working experience in different government offices with more than 10 years in the food security sector. He began working with Agriteam in 2011, as the SNSF Regional Facilitation Team Leader for the Tigray region. Prior to that, he worked as a Safeguard Specialist for the Agricultural Growth Program, employed by the UNDP. One of his primary roles was to provide training on implementation and monitoring safeguards for staff of implementing agencies at various levels. He worked for five years as Regional Food Security Project Coordinator (World Bank and CIDA) and was responsible for overall project planning, implementation and monitoring and capacity building. He also worked at Melkassa Research Center as a Technical Assistant (four years) and the Bureau of Finance and Economic Development as Population and Environment Expert, and later as Department Head (10 years), responsible for planning and streamlining population and environment activities in the region.

Mahamed Madar

Lead Capacity Development Specialist, Somali Region

Mahamed Madar is the Lead Capacity Development Specialist in Somali region. Before assuming this role, he served as Agriteam’s Capacity Development Technical Assistant in this region, serving on SNSF. Previous to his work with Agriteam Canada, Mahamed held various positions within the regional government, including Acting Department Head for Planning, M&E, Information Management, External Resource Mobilization and NGO Coordination. His wide range of knowledge and experience working with and through the Somali regional government’s systems enables him to interact effectively with government colleagues. Mahamed was instrumental in the completion of the capacity development needs assessment for pastoral regions, which has wide relevance for PSNP implementation agencies.

Yayo Mohammed

Lead Capacity Development Specialist, Afar Region

Yayo Mohammed is a human resource specialist, with a Master’s degree in Leadership and Good Governance. He has worked for Agriteam Canada in Afar region, first as a Capacity Development Technical Assistant for SNSF and now as the Lead Capacity Development Specialist for TASC. Yayo’s in-depth knowledge of Afar and its woredas has enabled him to interact with and support PSNP efforts in Afar, even when the region was struggling with issues such as the recent drought. Yayo is instrumental in helping Bureau leaders understand and apply implementation principles of PSNP. He has delivered training at the regional and woreda levels, and has spent many hours in consultation with and coaching regional PSNP leaders to implement and apply PSNP mandated activities. Yayo was instrumental in the completion of the capacity development needs assessment for pastoral regions, which has wide relevance for PSNP implementation agencies.

Nancy Drost

Results Reporting Expert

Dr. Nancy Drost has the responsibility to develop an effective reporting strategy to ensure that stakeholders and project managers will have access to updated performance assessments to assist with management decision-making. Dr. Drost leads the efforts to design and implement a performance measurement system for TASC and to provide recommendations to strengthen capacity in priority measurement and evaluation areas. She works with the TASC team to identify, assess and align the consultancy activities to the cross-cutting themes of PSNP. Nancy also leads the effort to evaluate knowledge management systems currently being used in Ethiopia within the PSNP and provides inputs into the four-year implementation plan and AWPs to enable TASC to strengthen the KM capacities of relevant stakeholders. Dr. Drost began her work in Ethiopia and with PSNP in 2011, as the Performance Measurement Specialist for SNSF.

Elias Welecho

Lead Capacity Development Specialist, SNNP Region

Elias Welecho has more than 20 years’ experience working in government at various levels. His extensive knowledge of food security issues and PSNP implementation enable him to relate well with government and other implementation agencies as they deliver PSNP programming to chronically food insecure clients. He has also worked on multi-donor programs, so he understands program implementation from all perspectives. Elias Welecho brings strong relationships with regional and woreda government partners, including Food Security personnel, Women, Children and Youth Affairs, Education, Health, Water Resources and the Roads Authority for coordinated implementation of the regional Food Security Task Force. He is an experienced trainer, using adult-centered and experiential learning techniques as he facilitates learning among PSNP implementers.

Abrehet Hadgu

National Finance Officer
Abrehet Hadgu has 7 years of experience in Finance. She began working for Agriteam on TASC as National Finance Officer on April 1, 2017 with role of providing all financial supports to National and Regional offices and
Brian Fawcett

Brian Fawcett

Senior Capacity Development Advisor/Project Director

Brian Fawcett has joined Agriteam Canada’s Calgary office as the Senior Capacity Development Specialist/Project Director for the Technical Assistance to Strengthen Capacity Development (TASC) supporting the Ethiopian government’s Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) Phase Four program. He assumed office on 29 October 2018. As the Senior Capacity Development Advisor/Project Director, Brian will provide support to TASC in the areas of strategic planning, including work planning and reporting; technical inputs to TASC, particularly in supporting capacity building to the Government of Ethiopia to deliver PSNP more effectively; technical assistance to Agriteam Canada in business development and organizational management; and stakeholder relations, focusing on the European Union and the Asian Development Bank.

Brian has 44 years of professional experience in senior positions as Team Leader, Programme and Project Manager, Field Project Manager, and Asian Development Bank Country Director in Afghanistan from 2005-2007, on international development programs and projects funded by ADB, AusAID, the European Union, and GAC. His experience includes 35 years working exclusively on programs and projects in South Asian countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. He worked in these countries primarily on agricultural and rural development projects, capacity and institution building, and civil service reform and decentralized governance projects. Brian worked in various positions of progressive seniority in the Asian Development Bank from 1993 to 2009.

A Canadian citizen, Brian graduated with an honors degree in economics at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He earned his Masters in Agricultural Economics at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Canada, and his Masters in Business Administration at the University of Warwick in Coventry, England.

Fekadu Kassa Habteyohannes

Fekadu Kassa Habteyohannes

Information Technology Solutions and Management Information Systems TSS

Mr Fekadu Kassa Habteyohannes is Information Technology Solutions Technical Support Specialist specializing in the field of Information Technology and GIS. Having vigorous experience in the technical and managerial aspects of complex multi-cultural projects, he has multi-disciplinary professional skill in MIS Development, System Design, Database Design, Spatial Data Analysis, Climate Change- carbon accounting in public works activities, training provision and management of software utility. He has extensive work experience in Information Technology Advisory, in NGOs & Government organizations in different positions.

Hailu Hundie

Hailu Hundie

PW Infrastructure Specialist

Hailu has joined the TASC team as infrastructure and NRM (Natural Resource Management) technical support specialist. He is a professional / an Agricultural Engineer/ with extensive experience in linking relief to development working in total of 19 years in different program in the MoA ,at Region , zone and woreda level of Government and Non government Organization as infrastructure and NRM expert . Hailu has previously worked in emergency and Relief ,transition AID project for drought victims in Oromia Region Fentale woreda as Relief Coordinator /CCF Ethiopia –German Agroaction NGO/ and as well as early warning disaster and prevention ,food security desk head at Oromia North Shoa Zone in Government office. Besides, he has also good experience on consulting different National level studies like Great Renincanc Dam watershed, Rift vally lake basin, different hydro electric and water supply dam watershed studies. Recently, He has been working for nine years out of 19 years in GIZ SLM program seconded for MoA at federal level SLM program in designing and preparing program document and training manuals , support for national level guiding technical manuals and support strategic document preparation closely with MoA Natural Resource Management Directorate at Federal Level.

Alema Woldemariam

Alema Woldemariam

Livelihoods TSS

Alema Woldemariam has MFI Technical Service Providers Certification Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, MSc degree in Cooperative Marketing from Mekelle University and BSc degree in Agricultural Economics from Alemaya University of Agriculture. Moreover, he had received various training certificates in rural finance, leadership and business development related topics.
Alema Woldemariam is a development practitioner and rural finance specialist with 29 years of experience in project/programme management, rural finance development, marketing, capacity building, food security and livelihoods development, planning, monitoring and evaluation, project design, women economic empowerment, fighting violence against women and girls.
During these years, he participated in designing and implementation of various agricultural projects (small scale irrigation-river diversion, beekeeping for landless youth, restocking for rural poor women and landless youth, promotion and establishment of saving and credit cooperatives including women only saving and credit cooperatives in the rural area, HABP/PSNP-3 implementation, PSNP-4 design and implementation of the livelihood component.
Before joining to TASC, he was employed by International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) working for International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) as the Household Asset Building Programme (HABP) and PSNP-4 livelihood component rural finance technical advisor and Livelihood Technical Adviser respectively seconded to Federal Cooperative Agency (FCA) and FSCD since October 2012.
Alema has also worked as Percody Agricultural Development Plc. Manager, Community Centered Development Programme Coordinator for Action Aide Ethiopia, Mekelle ICT Business Incubation Center Manager, Mekelle Daughters of Charity Aba-Gebremichael Street Children Programme Coordinator, ACDI/VOCA-Ethiopia Agricultural Cooperative in Ethiopia (ACE-Tigray) Field Office Coordinator, Tigray Cooperative Agency Acting Department Head of the Marketing, Input and Credit Department, Head of Planning and Programming Service for the Western Zone Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Department, Sopral Asmara and Combolcha meat processing plants planning and programming expert.
Alema is skilled in developing and delivering trainings to federal and regional livelihood experts, MFI officers, in the area of livelihoods, value chain, agribusiness, financial performance management, financial risk management, micro-insurances, financial literacy, financial product development, financial inclusion, tools on microfinance impact evaluation, marketing, monitoring and evaluation, business development skills in the three livelihood pathways livelihood cash transfer and micro credit management, development coaching and mentoring, facilitation and capacity development processes.

Alebachew Tamene

Alebachew Tamene

Financial Management, Analysis and Reporting TSS

Alebachew Tamene has Bachelor and Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance and certified project manager, and master in public and environmental health, with strong grants, project, program and financial management background. Out of the total 18 years professional experience, most on grants and Finance management and control, Project support management i.e budget management, procurement, assets management, and human resource.
In the last five years he was engaged most of his time on capacity building for government and INGOs projects such as: Pathfinder International, Save the children, Ministry of Health Ethiopia etc. Projects he was specialized on such as: DFID, USAID, Global Fund, GAVI, CDC, END Fund, SCI, Liverpool, Italian corporation, and UN agencies (UNFPA, UNICEF, and WHO). He is currently a family lead for wife, and three children.

Gebrye Kefelew

Gebrye Kefelew

Monitoring and Evaluation, Household Registry and Non-IT Aspects of MIS TSS

Gebrye Kefelew has MA degree in Development Studies and BA Degree in Geography and Environmental Study with more than eleven years of empirical experiences in the areas of monitoring and evaluation (M&E), research, and evidence based advocacy. He has worked for for various local and international NGOs and consultancy firms within Ethiopia until today. Among others, his roles at Action for self-reliance organization and Save the Children International included programme planning, research, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting of the organisations’ activities and implemented projects. Through these tasks he gained an intensive insight on the development and delivery of programme M&E frameworks that helped to effectively capture the successes and achievements of project interventions. Most recently, Gebrye served as Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL) Manager for European Union-Civil Society Fund II (EU-CSF II). In this position, he was responsible for the overall management of EU-CSFII programme design and implementation of sound MERL systems; preparation of standard report to donor and government; documentation and sharing of lessons from programme implementation; and guiding implementing partners and team for proper impact measurement. He was also responsible to support civil society organization (CSOs) in conducting rapid assessments, midterm review, impact evaluations, and field and desk research. In addition to monitoring the performance of grantees’ activities and their impact on communities and governance system at field level, his daily tasks included providing technical and advisory support to the CSOs to improve their capacity on MERL. Currently, he has been working with AgriTeam Canada as M&E Technical Support Specialist (TSS) for Ethiopian Productive Safety Net Programme Phase 4 (PSNP4), based in the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA). In this position, he is mainly responsible to support the preparation of PSNP4 planning and reporting, PSNP Beneficiary Household Registry, and Non-IT aspects of the PSNP MIS.

Tewodros Tassew

Tewodros Tassew

Payment TSS

Tewodros Tassew is tasked with supporting the Government of Ethiopia in the implementation of productive safety net program specializing on payments. Having worked in in the banking and technology sectors in the past, he has extensive experience in the design, implementation and management of electronic cash transfers in emergency and development contexts. He is based within the Ministry of Agriculture and works in close coordination with the Ministry of Finance, World Bank and the donor’s coordination Team in managing safety net cash transfers to nearly 8 million clients nationwide. Tewodros has joined the TASC team as of 2019.

Hailu Teka

Hailu Teka

National Regional Support Capacity Development Specialist

Hailu Teka is a professional with extensive experience in humanitarian response, early recovery and sustainable development programs specifically focusing on food security and livelihoods both in agricultural and pastoralist regions in Eastern Africa, Yemen and Nigeria. He has many years of experience in managing cash transfer interventions and coordinating cash working groups at national level in challenging and conflict affected communities. He has been working on capacity building as a separate component and as a cross-cutting activity. Hailu worked with various humanitarian and development organizations as a result of which, he accumulated a wealth of expertise in program/project design and management.

Yodit Gebrechirstos

Yodit Gebrechirstos

Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Specialist

Yodit Gebrechirstos has joined the TASC team as a Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Specialist. Sheworks closely with Ministry and Bureau of Agriculture personnel at the federal level and in designated regions and woredas to conduct monitoring and reporting, based on both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. The MER Specialist supports TASC activities especially related to review and revision of PSNP reporting templates for woreda and kebele implementers, and PSNP report quality assessment. Yodit has more than 15 years of experience as a development practitioner working in different government, non-government, UN and contractor agencies. Seconded by CIDA, she provided M&E Specialist TA services to the MoA/NRMD-PWCU. Yodit has previously worked with Agriteam Canada supporting the Safety Net Support Facility’s M&E and Knowledge Management work, spearheading especially the development of a knowledge management strategy and the establishment of a document management system for the PSNP as well as conducting the associated capacity development work.


Mesay Mesfin

Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Specialist

Mesay Mesfin has 10 years’ experience in rural development and food security, especially PSNP/HABP in Ethiopia. He began working for Agriteam on SNSF as woreda capacity building technical assistant in SNNP region Boloso sore woreda in  November 2014. He is also skilled in facilitation and capacity development, multi sector coordination, conflict management and resolution. Because he has an extensive working experience with Region, zones and woreda experts and officials, he has an in-depth understanding, challenges and opportunities of food security and PSNP. Mesay is currently working in Agriteam TASC project as a Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Specialist.