TASC – Technical Assistance to Strengthen Capacity Development for the Productive Safety Net Program Phase 4 (PSNP4)

Building on the success of a previous capacity development project to support PSNP implementation, TASC provides technical assistance to strengthen the government’s ability to provide for its own capacity development needs, especially related to the ongoing implementation of PSNP4.

PSNP is jointly funded by the Government of Ethiopia and eleven Development Partners. These include the International Development Association (World Bank), USAID, DFID, European Commission, Global Affairs Canada, World Food Program, Government of the Netherlands, Government of Ireland, DANIDA, UNICEF, and Sida (Sweden).

TASC’s role is assist government and partner organizations in the implementation of the PSNP’s Capacity Development Strategy. A systematic approach to capacity development leads to higher retention rates of learning and improved performance of PSNP. Another element of the strategy is the need to institutionalize approaches and methods of conducting capacity development within the PSNP4 and GoE.

We have evidence that systematic capacity development leads to changes in performance. This evidence and experience motivated Agriteam to take on the challenge of TASC, within the context of PSNP.
Much of the training that is conducted within the PSNP4 is intended to increase the capacity of government personnel to implement the PSNP4 rules and procedures more effectively. When traditional methods of training do not maximize the potential for learning and subsequent application of that learning, valuable opportunities for learning and change are lost. A systematic approach to CD provides a platform for enhanced learning.

A systematic approach to CD influences individuals (both women and men), organizations and ultimately the system. Change starts at the individual level, and as individuals change and adopt improved practices, those changes are accepted within the organizations in which they function. Improved practices within the organizations that comprise systems or institutions lead to wider acceptance and incorporation of effective practices at the institutional level.

The TASC model or framework for capacity development is indicated below. This model was first used by SNSF in support of PSNP3, and now is used by TASC within PSNP4 and by the GoE’s Agricultural Growth Program as the basis for their CD guidelines.