Games and Energizers

As trainers, speakers, or facilitators, we all know that people will react more favourably to our presentation when they enjoy the learning experience and are not subjected to boring lectures. You can enhance their learning of knowledge, skills, and attitudes by using games and activities to supplement or reinforce that point.

The following are 10 Commandments, some “do’s and don’ts” that you’ll want to keep in mind when planning how and when to use games, activities and other involvement techniques.

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TASC is improving the quality of training delivery of PSNP

TASC delivered the first round of training modules for Champion Facilitators Development Program (CFDP) in Amhara, Tigray and SNNPR regions for over 60 governmental employees and representatives of PSNP’s implementing partners.

The Champion Facilitators Development Program, designed by TASC, is a two-year capacity development program tailored to meet the needs of governmental employees and PSNP implementing partners’ staff members responsible for designing and delivering training programs. The program aims to improve their skills in adult-learning methods for trainings and providing on-the-job support through five training modules. After each of the training modules, participants have the opportunity to participate individual on-the-job support sessions and communities of practices.

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Invest in Respect Building a High-Trust Culture

For those who benefitted from our Leadership training, you will remember that the first topic that was tackled was about “How can the leader create the conditions of trust towards him?” Without that trust, Leadership skills development has no strong foundation. Following are some more hints on that important issue.
Personal integrity is the foundation of trust in any organization. It’s the pervasive sense that people will do what they say they’re going to do, and that their actions consistently reflect their principles and character.
Integrity, then, is an internal cornerstone of trust. But leaders should also be looking to spur the outward growth of trust across an organization. The way to do that is by practicing the art of respect.

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PSNP Integrated CD Plan for EFY 2010

The Capacity Development Strategy for PSNP4 provides the general framework for coordinating and harmonizing the CD efforts of all PSNP’s government and partner implementing agencies (IAs). The intent of this harmonization is to achieve greater integration of planning and implementation, to increase program performances (i.e. efficiency, effectiveness and synergy impact) and ensure institutionalization of CD systems and practices under PSNP. The strategy has two goals and five objectives. For the operationalization of the CD Strategy, the “Guideline for the Preparation of an Integrated CD Action Plan for PSNP4” was prepared and distributed to the regions in April 2017. This guideline document provides the basis for the preparation of this year’s integrated annual CD plan.

A brief overview of the past two years’ CD performance reveals that the CD budget for EFY 2008 was released and significantly used to address planned CD activities. In EFY 2009, due to the general program budget shortfall, the released and used amount of the PSNP’s CD budget was as low as 25% of the approved annual budget, which left many planned CD activities undelivered.

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