Abera Abebe has about 30 years of experience in agriculture and rural development, integrated food security programs, community empowerment and capacity development projects. His educational background and work experience as a grassroots development manager, multi-stakeholder facilitator and organizational policy maker in government, NGOs and consultancy firms, has defined him as a proficient capacity development facilitator. He served for nine years within the GoE Ministry of Agriculture as Agricultural Extension Expert and Head of the Zonal Agriculture Development Departments in Oromia and Benishangul regions. He also spent 15 years with Agri Service Ethiopia, where he managed and directed integrated rural development that focused on agriculture, health, water supply, adult education and natural resource management. Since the inception of SNSF, he has worked as Regional Facilitation Team Leader and Lead Capacity Development Specialist for the Oromia region, where he is successfully leading and managing capacity development planning, implementation, monitoring and building partner relationship with stakeholders.