Yayo Mohammed is a human resource specialist, with a Master’s degree in Leadership and Good Governance. He has worked for Agriteam Canada in Afar region, first as a Capacity Development Technical Assistant for SNSF and now as the Lead Capacity Development Specialist for TASC. Yayo’s in-depth knowledge of Afar and its woredas has enabled him to interact with and support PSNP efforts in Afar, even when the region was struggling with issues such as the recent drought. Yayo is instrumental in helping Bureau leaders understand and apply implementation principles of PSNP. He has delivered training at the regional and woreda levels, and has spent many hours in consultation with and coaching regional PSNP leaders to implement and apply PSNP mandated activities. Yayo was instrumental in the completion of the capacity development needs assessment for pastoral regions, which has wide relevance for PSNP implementation agencies.